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Instruction: The instructions are written for the smallest size. If changes are necessary for larger size s the instructions will be written thus [ ]. Numbers for each size are shown in the same order throughout the pattern.

When only one number is given, it applies to all sizes. Pass them back onto left-hand needle, then knit through back loops together. Row 2: p2, k2, p2 to end. Change to U. Shape Raglan Continue with yarn A only. Next row: as 1st row Next row: as 2nd row Next row: as 1st row Next row: purl to end Work these 4 rows 0 [2; 2; 6; 5; 4] times. Next row: as 1st row Next row: purl to end Work these 2 rows 24 [22; 24; 17; 17; 9] times.

Shape Neck Next row RS : k2, ssk, k10, k2tog neck edge. Leave rem sts on a spare needle. Next row: purl to end. Dec 1 st at the raglan edge as before and dec 1 st at neck edge on next and alt rows until there are 4 sts rem. Fasten off. With RS facing, join yarn to rem sts, bind off 19 [21; 21; 21; 23; 23] sts. Dec 1 st at neck edge and dec 1 st at the raglan edge as before on next and alt rows until there are 4 sts rem. Using U. Work 12 rows. Cont until work from beg measure Begin Strip patt.

Bind off loosely 2 [2; 3; 3; 4; 4] sts at beg of next 2 rows.

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Bind off loosely rem 9 [9; 9; 11; 11; 11] sts. Neckband Join raglan seams. With RS work facing you and using U. Pick up 15 sts down left front neck edge.

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Pick up 19 [21; 21; 21; 23; 23] from front neck edge. Place stitch marker. Bind off in ribbing. For the yarn, I used Lion Brand Wool-Ease details as shown in the materials list above but you can use a similar yarn which you can obtain the tension gauge. Circular needles are preferred because they are lighter and more flexible, great for knitting bigger project like sweater and pullover.

This is the back piece of the raglan pullover which has been blocked and adjusted to the corresponding size. Similarly, the front piece which is also blocked to size. Lastly, these are the 2 blocked sleeves with stripe pattern at the raglan section. The picture shows the seam of the raglan after the front and the sleeve is sewn up. Finally, sew up the sleeve seams and side seams with mattress seam to complete the raglan pullover.

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Happy knitting. Thank you. I apologize, I am brand new to knitting. I am struggling to find where to use which length needles. If the tubular cast on is not in the continuous round, you can use any length of circular needle as long as it can hold the number of stitches on it. The shorter size 7 needle is only needed for the neckband. How do I actually get this pattern. Try clicking the button again, it should work.

I tried from it from both Chrome and Firefox, it is working fine. If I do the decreases until 4 sts rem. What am I missing?

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This Easy Casual Pullover is a classic sweater that's great for wearing alone or with layers. Women's Hand Knit V-neck Sweater 9J Hand Knitting, Knitting Patterns, .. Ravelry: Vertical Stripes Sweater pattern by PetiteKnit Sweater Knitting. More Winter Jackets For Women, Winter Clothes For Women, Casual I especially love the pop of color and pattern play that make this cardigan more fun :).

Thank you for pointing it out, there is a mistake in the pattern. I accidentally added the k2 in the pattern. I have gotten it corrected.

I have included a link on the youtube video from Knit Purl Hunter on how to do the p2togtbl stitch. I am currently working on my first sleeve and am a little confused. Cardigans function like jackets — they open down the front and have buttons along the edge. They can be worn either open or closed. The best ones provide some taper around the waist in order to slim you down similar to what suits do. They're useful for the whole year except during the summer. They go well with a dress shirt and tie, with slacks or jeans.

You can even wear a sports jacket over them and it won't seem over-the-top. It has a wide, turned-over collar that narrows toward the chest area. It's a great way to sharpen your look at the office. Meanwhile the Standard Collar Cardigan is just a step lower in terms of being formal.

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It works similarly to a V-neck except it resembles a blazer more especially when unbuttoned. It's also a great choice for heavy winter. Its material is thicker and has cross-cable patterns at the front. You'll want to consider machine-knit versions — these are made from good-quality wool and designed to show a flatter appearance. It can be paired with both dress pants and denim jeans.

They make the perfect outer layer for a laid-back outfit.

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This style belongs to the category of thinner knit sweaters, which makes it a great layering option. It keeps you warm enough while making you look taller, slimmer and sleeker. If you want the most formal add-on to your dress shirt, this is your best bet. Go for a black or navy blue color — it draws attention while still looking classy. Plain Woven : Makes the sweater less elastic and slightly cooler. It has a more delicate appearance which makes it suitable for professional environments.

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During spring and summer seasons, they're more popular. Extremely Bright Colors : Best to be avoided unless it's part of your profession such as a performer or highway worker. One of the most popular patterns men like to wear during winter is the argyle sweater, which stands out because of its lines and colors. The trick to making this sweater work is by matching it with clothes that have simple designs.

This allows it to become the focus of your outfit. One word. Sweaters are the perfect middle man between casual and formal. They can be paired with blazers and slacks… or jeans and a t-shirt. And the best part? They're attractive on men.

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But…not all sweaters are created equal. Crew Neck Crew necks are great examples of how less is more. Cardigan A cardigan sends quite a strong signal.

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It's very durable because of the heavier yarn and tighter stitching.