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So good that he won an Oscar for it. And make sure you fire it up on the biggest TV in your house and with the volume at a level to wake the neighbors. Force Majeure This Swedish film became an international hit on the back of rave reviews. See the original first.

Girlfriend, 26, of Cleveland Browns' Chris Smith is killed after being struck by car

Free Solo The surprising winner for the Oscar for Best Documentary is already right there on Hulu for you to catch up with it. His latest quest? To take down El Capitan, one of the most famous rock formations in the world, and one that had never been free-climbed. Goldfinger Bond, James Bond. One of the best movies of its kind ever made, this is the Sean Connery iteration of Bond, of course, and his adventures with the villainous Auric Goldfinger and the Bond girl with most unforgettable name, Pussy Galore.

Tom Hanks stars as a death-row officer who meets a prisoner Michael Clarke Duncan who may have supernatural powers. Check it out. An officer, demoted to working there because of a pending court case, answers a call from a frightened woman. His life will never be the same as he works to try to save her and makes some false assumptions along the way. The kind of tight little thriller that you should watch before they inevitably remake it.

His dramedy stars Sally Hawkins as a teacher who is almost strangely optimistic, and the ways in which the harsh truth of reality sometimes challenges her rosy outlook. Heathers Ignore the think pieces about how Heathers plays today and watch this dark comedy, a satire that caught Christian Slater and Winona Ryder at just the right time in their careers. She plays the outcast in high school and he plays the mysterious new kid who teaches her the art of vengeance.

Is some of it dated? Writing and directing an adaptation of his own work, Barker created an unforgettable vision of an alternate dimension of creatures born of nightmare fuel. And the last one was arguably the scariest. The story goes that Bong was inspired by a story he read about a deformed fish found in the Han River. The rest was movie history. Ricky Baker Julian Dennison has a new foster family, including a sweet foster mother.

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Unhappily, I destroyed the letter. For the first time, maybe ever, he flashes some legit star-power potency. Chinatown Forget it, Jake. Sorry to Bother You Boots Riley writes and directs one of the most daring debuts of in this satire of modern race relations and corporate dynamics. More powerful than a locomotive!

Poetic and realistic at the same time, If Beale Street Could Talk is a gorgeous, essential piece of filmmaking. Jane The masterful documentarian Brett Morgen was basically handed hours and hours of National Geographic footage of Jane Goodall that had never before been seen. Kennedy, and just appreciate this film for its masterful acting, editing, and dialogue. Aaron Johnson stars as an average kid who tries to be a superhero, but Chloe Grace Moretz steals the flick as the unforgettable Hit Girl.

If you like the Kingsman and Deadpool movies, you owe it to yourself to check out the movie that helped usher them into existence.

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This is one of the darker entries in his filmography, the story of a Brit Terence Stamp who comes to the United States to find out what happened to his daughter. Major League This sports comedy was a major hit mostly for the way it tapped into something that all baseball fans love — the story of the underdog. No sports team is more underdog than the Cleveland Indians, who are the focus of this story of an owner who basically wants to tank the team.

Melancholia is divided into two acts, the first about a miserable wedding day and the second about a rogue planet crashing into Earth. No matter what you think of it, you have to admire the risks Paramount took in financing and releasing something this truly insane — the story of a woman Jennifer Lawrence and her husband Javier Bardem and how their lives change after the arrival of a strange couple. That only hints at the insanity to follow in this riveting, deeply symbolic film about religion, filmmaking, art, gender roles, and broken sinks.

Mud Remember the McConaissance? Jeff Nichols coming-of-age drama is a great example of a filmmaker who uses setting as a character. The Piano Jane Campion directs Holly Hunter to her best performance in this film about a mute piano player and her daughter, played by Anna Paquin in a breakthrough performance. A delightful little movie about two eccentric loners who find each other, this is a movie that people watch over and over again. A Quiet Place.

Star Trek (2009)

The assumption is probably that people will pay to rent or own movies that were hits. Rain Man Barry Levinson directs Tom Cruise and Dustin Hoffman in the story of a man who learns he has a brother who is an autistic savant after the death of his father. Mira Sorvino and Lisa Kudrow star as the title characters, two twenty-somethings without much focus or direction who decide to go to their high school reunion. Both of the leads are delightfully charismatic and the film contains some wonderful supporting turns from Janeane Garofalo and Alan Cumming too. The former is played by Jason Schwartzman, who does amazing work as Max Fischer, a kid who falls into a love triangle with his teacher Olivia Williams and a millionaire named Herman Blume Bill Murray.

Some are in the top 20 of all time on IMDb. Morgan Freeman and Brad Pitt give two of their best performances in a film that takes a classic mystery structure and makes it unforgettably vicious. Shaolin Soccer Stephen Chow rules.

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This Cantonese-language international hit was one of his first breakthroughs followed by his masterpiece, Kung Fu Hustle , which you really need to see if you have yet to do so. Shaolin Soccer is pretty much exactly what that title implies — a kung fu sports movie. Just watch this one.

Trust us. Kubrick made the story his own and then allowed Jack Nicholson to give one of the most unforgettable performances in horror history.

  • Protagoras and Logos: A Study in Greek Philosophy and Rhetoric (Studies in Rhetoric/Communication).
  • The Royal Diary.
  • The elves (Relatos de Un Pueblo Magico).

It will break your heart. It has held up well as an engaging riff on the fairy tale with phenomenal voice work. Marshal who investigates a missing patient at a legendary mental hospital. Scorsese is in full command of his skill as a craftsman in this riveting thriller that also co-stars Mark Ruffalo, Ben Kingsley, and Michelle Williams.

They take the money and, well, things go wrong from there. Depp plays Ichabod Crane, who investigates a series of murders allegedly committed by a headless horseman. Sorry to Bother You Boots Riley writes and directs one of the most daring debuts of in this satire of modern race relations and corporate dynamics. Lakeith Stanfield stars as a man who climbs the ladder of a telemarketing company only to find true horrors on the top floors.

Support the Girls. No one knew who Jon Favreau and Vince Vaughn the day before Swingers came out, but it launched them into the celebrity sphere, where they still reside. Tangerine pulses with life and energy in a way that most modern L. The WTF story of Three Identical Strangers is the kind of thing that would be deemed ridiculous if it were in a fictional screenplay but the film gets even more interesting when it turns to an investigation of nature vs.

Russell made one of his best films in this war comedy about four soldiers — George Clooney, Mark Wahlberg, Ice Cube, Spike Jonze — who try to steal gold while in Iraq. In conversations about the best war movies, this one should come up more often. Total Recall Ah-nuld! Near the peak of his fame, the future Governor went to Mars in this landmark sci-fi film the great Paul Verhoeven. Loosely based on a Philip K. Most action movies have aged poorly, but Total Recall still has something to entertain even the many Hulu subscribers born after it was released. Touching the Void Did you like Free Solo?

Grandparents are being pushed to breaking point caring for grandchildren sent to live with them by 'dump and Expert reveals the tell-tale signs of 'wine face' - including fine lines, dry I'm terminally ill at the age of 60, but due a full state pension - will it just be lost now? Steve Webb Pictured: Diplomat's wife, 42, 'who was driving on the wrong side of the road with her son, 12, in the car Fears grow for missing year-old schoolgirl who has not been seen since going to meet friends in city Human remains found in woodland 'could be those of murdered student midwife Joy Morgan' after mother begged Two-year-old boy is injured in stabbing at family christening: Man, 24, who was holding toddler outside pub Three-week-old baby boy dies as his mother, 21, remains in stable condition five days after horrific knife Troubled reggae star Finley Quaye, 45, punched London nightclub boss then threatened to return with a gun Brexit 'war cabinet' led by Michael Gove draws up No Deal dossier warning Ireland could be hit by medical Jim Davidson, 65, denies he was being racist when he told South African train conductor 'welcome to our Vigilante biker pulls up and starts harassing a driver by aggressively revving his engine at man who is Mother tells how she woke up to find her three-week-old daughter dead in bed after stone father rolled Norway mosque gunman gives a Nazi salute in court as he stands accused of killing his year-old Asian Prince Harry and Meghan Markle brought 'lots of toys' and 'home comforts' for Archie to help him settle on Harry and Meghan reveal they were 'deeply touched' by the community spirit they witnessed in South Africa as Mother claims shocking video shows how Tommee Tippee baby bottling machine is making her twins violently Saudi Arabian couple 'poisoned child with dangerous amounts of unnecessary insulin after flying the Activists battling Islamist and other extremism have been dubbed 'Uncle Toms', shunned by family and friends Why every midlife woman must watch their money when they fall in love: Ask his salary on the first date, Female mechanic hilariously advertises a Ford Fiesta in 'idiot terms' - after becoming frustrated with men Jeremy Kyle could be forced to give evidence at inquest of guest Steve Dymond, 63, who 'killed himself' - as Race organisers threaten to BAN runner, 35, if he continues to push his three-year-old daughter around 10k Swedish royal family cull: King Gustaf strips five grandchildren of royal status under pressure to cap the Windrush immigrant, 58, died from cardiac arrest after stress of losing his job because he couldn't prove he Worst September for retailers since BRC records began in as shoppers put off spending amid 'Brexit Privately-educated woman, 27, who 'isn't ashamed' of using cocaine discovers more than half of her stash is At least 13 women died when overloaded migrant boat capsizes near Italian island of Lampedusa as they were Donald Trump threatens to destroy the Turkish economy if they test his 'great and unmatched wisdom' as his UN 'prepares for the worst' after Trump steps aside to let Turkey invade Syria: Erdogan is warned not to