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Sort order. Dec 05, The Book Junkie Reads. Contradictions from the previous reads. Grandma from book one has now become aunt. Tyler's eyes are open and then Abigail ' losses something that makes her, her. Still confused as to why people don't like Abby. Narration just fine with the array of males voices. Dec 26, Teresa Lara rated it it was amazing. Loving Tyler and Abby story sweet series. Oct 18, DelAnne Frazee rated it it was amazing Shelves: reviewed. Even if it is only eighty-eight year old Mrs.

Ellis and her proclivity for speeding 60 miles an hour in a 35 mph school zone.

Ellis, one of the worst gossips in town, was part of the old guard that thought their money could buy their way out of trouble. Trying to worm her way out of yet another ticket, she bats her eyes and sweet talks him about his looks and valentines day being just around the corner.

Little does she realize that Valentine's Day is one holiday Tyler would like to see removed permanently from the calendar. Arriving home after a long day with a slight headache and a pain that is steadily growing between his shoulders all he wants is to unwind and relax. Something he can be sure he will not be doing any time soon when a full set of beautiful iridescent pink wings painfully pop out of his back. Then to top it off his brother pops in unexpectedly and sees him in full plumage.

Not phased by it Brayden asks Tyler what is suppose to be? Tyler explains he is a Cupid and he has known his destiny since he reach puberty and a Cupid visited him to tell him his fate. Abigail Clarke is ready to move on and find some place she can grow and find someone to love her.

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I'm On My Own (Abigail's Story and Other Clouds) eBook: Joshua Jackson, Rita Jackson: Kindle Store. [KINDLE] I'm On My Own (Abigail's Story and Other Clouds) by Joshua Jackson, Rita Jackson. Book file PDF easily for everyone and every device. You can.

After she has loved Tyler since she was six years old and he has yet to notice her as anything more than a little sister or a good friend. She is packing up and selling her home and moving to Denver.

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When she stops by Tyler's place to tell him good-bye she gets a Sorry to see you go. Have a good time. Then she asks him about his arrows which no one but Tyler and his own true love are suppose to be able to see. Reaching to take them away from Abigail, Tyler pricks his finger on one of the arrow and suddenly he can't believe he has never notice Abby before and makes a move on Abigail and asks her to dinner with the hopes of bringing her home to stay.

Furious at Tyler she storms out of his apartment determined to leave Holiday as fast as possible. And so the fun begins This is the third in the Holiday, Montana series and I greatly recommend you read them in order, starting with Charmed Spirits then Santa's Executive. I can guarantee you have never been to a town quite like Holiday, Montana, but I can promise you will wish you had. This is very fast paced novel that will make you laugh through out. I do not know if I would want to live there on a permanent basis, but can you imagine a town where witches, elves, Santa's stand-ins, even Cupid resides.

Strange events happen there and the unusual is the norm. I absolutely loved this book and can not wait to read Her Lucky Love and finally find out what the deal between Brayden and Allison. The lastly there is the eldest brother Jackson fall in Looking for Ivory, where he falls for a Tooth Fairy. I am planning a trip soon to Holiday. I hope you will join me there. They welcome visitors all the time. Maybe we can find some magic of our own there. Oct 16, Eva Millien rated it it was amazing. The third book in the Holiday Montana series continues to enchant and entertain.

The author has created a very intriguing world with interes The third book in the Holiday Montana series continues to enchant and entertain. The suspense builds with well written scenes and vivid descriptions by the author.

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The emotions conveyed by the author as Tyler and Abby overcome the pain of the past to deal with the present issues completely engage the reader in the conflict. The characters are charismatic, entertaining and the reader can easily connect to them. I am looking forward to reading more about the characters of Holiday Montana. Jan 17, Krissy rated it liked it.

This was the book I was looking forward to the most in this series. But I was really disappointed.

The story line itself was great. The story of the two main characters was not the problem. It was the little thing throughout the book that just kept building up. I am not an expert on grammar by any means but even I could tell that there was more than a few grammar errors. That's just proof reading! Also throughout this entire book, anytime Jordan was mention they always talked about how her AUNT This was the book I was looking forward to the most in this series.

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Once again it just needs read through again to get these things fixed. Then Tyler makes the comment about Bray having a big mouth because he told all their family and friends about his "secret" but guess what he freaking told him to tell them!!! Then lastly and I know many of you will think that it is petty but it's just one of those things that has always bothered me in books, it is the lack of attention to details. When Aeneas took Abigail he put her in a dress, then Tyler brings her home and all of a sudden he's pulling up her "shirt" to look at her back.

Did she feel okay enough to change?

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Did he change her? Or was it just another part of the magic of this town and her clothes just changed themselves while going down the road? Like I said it's just a thing that bothers me. I think that this book needs to be read through again by either the author or her team and get these things fixed. They are not huge problems but like anything in life a whole bunch of little problems make for a big one. In this case all the little bad parts of this book build up and got in the way of me enjoying the rest of it. Tyler cupid and Abby Abigail is getting ready to move away from Holiday.

She has been in love with Tyler since she was six and he was sixteen. The only problem is that he doesn't notice her. The rest of the Cooper family acts like she is their sister but Tyler ignores her and she has had enough. Tyler has known since puberty hit that he is to be a cupid. Now that he turned thirty two his wings manifested.

He also received a package with the bow, arrows and quiver in it. There was more that said Tyler cupid and Abby Abigail is getting ready to move away from Holiday. There was more that said no one could see his arrows except his true love and other cupids. When Abby stopped by to say goodbye she saw his arrows, then he picked his finger on one. All of the sudden he notices Abby. He remembers the note also said that if he got hit with one of his arrows he would continuously search for his own true love.

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He realizes that it was Abby all along but something was blocking him from noticing her. It was like he could only see her in his peripheral vision and not straight on. They find out that he has been cursed when he was younger to not be able to see his true love. The bad guy is trying everything he can to make Tyler suffer because he hates cupids.

Abby gets pulled in and has to suffer too in order for him to try to get revenge. The story was interesting. I liked that when the curse broke Tyler became the man he should have been. They get there HEA in a cheesy sort of way, but this is a Valentine story so it goes with the territory. Loving this series and the different paranormals at play. Feb 25, Shelley rated it really liked it. In this case we met Abby or Abigail when she becomes friends with Jordan in the first book in this series. Mar 04, Ddkmc95 rated it it was amazing. Abigail has loved Tyler Cooper since she was 6yo but Tyler has never seen her as anything other than the honorary Cooper sister.