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Yes, you are absolutely right. I vuess as we get older we tend to forget.

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I loved the Cow Palace too, saw serveral groups there too. What a time it was. They did play if I needed someone and Nowhere man, both from Rubber Soul. No song from Revolver was ever performed live by The Beatles. According to this article there was a reason only 25, of the 42, seats were filled. I wonder whether this explains some of the seemingly low attendances at some of US shows, that local authorities were limiting how many thousands of screaming girls they wanted to cope with? I was there that foggy night.

What a thrill!!! I was lucky to have a good seat stage right with my two best friends who are BTW still so We could see thier facial expressions clearly. The most amazing memory I have is that when Paul sang Yesterday there were only two girls screaming in the intire stadium. We could actually HEAR the music! Yes, the screaming girls…and boys. The Ronettes not the Shirelles could have headlined in New York.

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I was impressed that they attempted to tune their guitars between songs. Thanks, my Fab friends. Hey I stumbled onto this site by chance. From a Teen Collector back in the Day. I had a very close friend recently pass away that was at the Show. She took Very Detailed Notes and wrote a 40 page account off what took place thru her eyes. She would have loved to be able to have shared her account and possibly impact a few people thru her eyes.

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Rest in Piece my Friend! The description of your friend sounds just like me! I collected everything there was to collect from newspaper articles, fan magazines, Beatles dolls and models, to tennis shoes and pencil cases. I saw them at the Cow Palace on August 31, , and at Candlestick Park at the same concert your friend attended. I lost most all of my memorabilia in a fire back in , and it still hurts to think about it.

Do you still have it? I was 12 years old when my mom got tickets for me and my 14 year old brother to go see the Beatles at Candlestick. As soon as the Beatles came out everyone stood up which left me, and all other short people, at a disadvantage. There was a young lady in front of me, about 20 years old, who jumped and screamed for the whole show and she would occasionally turn and apologize to me. Finally a guy behind me grabbed me under the arm pits and hoisted me up so my feet were on the back of my seat.

I could see the Beatles. It truly was a crazy day. I had also been at the two previous shows when the Beatles played the Cow Palace. What amazed me, besides the hysterics of it all, was the fact that all the house lights were on and you could look around and see everyone. What a despicable person! The set-up was quite different at Candlestick Park.

Although they had a better PA than at the Cow Palace still they were quite far from the audience. When the Beatles played Paperback Writer on Aug. It was close but… I was shocked they did not do the identical version. After the second show I drove over to the airport where their private plane was sitting on the tarmac and waved to them as they climbed the stairs, turned around and waved back at those of us who were lucky enough to be there to say good-bye. I feel extremely lucky to have been to four 4 live performances by the Beatles.

It was an experience I shall never forget. John Sharkey Is that John from Syndicate of Sound? And you would be the drummer, and Ron Gonzalez was your bass player.

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I was lucky that i met him. Take care and God bless. Does anyone know how many live performances did the Beatles do? I think it is about since Ringo joined the group. The white armored car from Loomis is clearly visible on some of the film clips. It is a company that usually transport money.

It was cold as hell and windy. The sound actually blew away with the wind. Didnt care. It was the Beatles! John was right,they were bigger than Jesus. I was 16 at this concert in My friend Kathy and I actually jumped from the top deck when some drunk guys offered to catch us they did! We both made it onto the field, nearly to the stage. I remember being carried off by four security guards, one on each limb.

I was lucky to see The Beatles six times. The artwork on the Candlestick concert was done by Wes Wilson. A scrap of it appears in the Beatles Anthology collage mural. There was a big talk at Candlestick Park that this had got to end. John wanted to give up more than the others. He said that he'd had enough.

Ringo Starr Anthology. The funniest thing this night was one of the warm-up acts, Bobby Hebb. He stood up on the stage at Candlestick Park, with the fog, and the wind blowing, and he was singing 'Sunny'! It was tough anyway to work a ballpark as an MC, especially as The Beatles were taking their time to get out. I was trying to entertain a crowd that was shouting, 'Beatles, Beatles, Beatles. Before one of the last numbers, we actually set up this camera, I think it had a fisheye, a wide-angle lens.

We set it up on the amplifier and Ringo came off the drums, and we stood with our backs to the audience and posed for a photograph, because we knew that was the last show. There was a sort of end of term spirit thing going on, and there was also this kind of feeling amongst all of us around The Beatles, that this might just be the last concert that they will ever do.

I remember Paul, casually, at the very last minute, saying, 'Have you got your cassette recorder with you?

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A director decides to work on his last play with his actors and take them away from days as they stay in a house in the country to rehearse for an intense show. The Last Show may refer to: "The Last Show the final episode of The Mary Tyler Moore Show; The Last Show (film), an Irish film directed by Rita-Marie Lawlor.

Tape the show,' which I did, literally just holding the microphone up in the middle of the field. As a personal souvenir of the occasion, it was a very nice thing to have and the only difference was that it wasn't a spectacular occasion. It was nothing like Shea Stadium, there was nothing special about it at all, except that The Beatles did put in extra ad-libs and link material which they hadn't put in before on any other occasion.

At San Francisco airport, as our plane prepared to take off, Paul's head came over the top of my seat from the row behind: 'Did you get anything on tape? I said: 'It's all there from the guitar feedback before the first number. Live: Dodger Stadium, Los Angeles. Travel: Los Angeles to London.

This is what The Smiths played at their last ever show

Latest Comments. Nancy Nelson Monday 10 February Art Nelson was the emcee at Candlestick Park with all the jelly beans thrown.

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Jace Monday 19 February It was Jelly Babies actually…And they happened at many concerts after George mentioned he liked them to a reporter Loading Rosie Guerrero Tuesday 8 July Julian Tuesday 8 July Tea in CA. Monday 29 August Rosie guerrero Tuesday 10 January Happy Nat Monday 15 November Cameron McIntosh Friday 13 May Christopher Wednesday 5 October Super Harlow Monday 20 June Joyce Martinez Saturday 17 December That could have been the Beatles too such a shame… Loading Joe Friday 4 May Yes, there is.

Google it and you should find it. Barry Tuesday 29 May Andrew Kemp Tuesday 23 October Matt Monday 18 March Mark Friday 29 March Joe Wednesday 3 April And how lucky he was! Hi Mark, whay could they say about them?.