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This form could be taught to new students in just 12 minutes classes or just classes to experienced students. Fundamental Qigong 3 focuses on keeping the lower body stable and relaxed while moving the upper body dynamically.

Tai chi chuan for beginners - Taiji Yang Style form Lesson 1

The upper body rises, the lower body drops and connects with the ground. The upper body turns and spirals while the lower body remains sunk and rooted. The top and bottom do different things and yet they work together to create the ultimate balance stability and movement.

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Taiji Fundamentals Qigong is like a treasure chest. It has many of the key Taiji principles packed into a few simple moves. So it's easy to learn, but highly effective. Exercise 1 focuses on opening and developing an eight dimensional perimeter.

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Loosen the shoulders and upper back; open from the inside and finishes on the outside. Exercise 2 focuses on holding and moving the ball. The moves more and deeper when you imagine it moving with a ball embraced in the arms.

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Learn when does body separates and when does it move in one unit. The sticks form has the same movements and sequence as the advance Saber form.

But the energies and techniques are executed differently. The sticks are even quicker than the Saber and movements comes more from the wrists. Two sticks are used to block, strike and balance each other. Sticks are designed for quick strikes.

Sabre, advanced sabre, sword, sticks, and spear forms feature on this DVD and all forms are demonstrated in full, providing a rare insight into advanced taiji practice. Total running time: Master Alex Dong has produced an extraordinary series of demonstration videos, and all three are available in DVD format, and include full length demonstrations and describe the benefits of each form. Tai chi is an ancient art that has a lot more layers of technical and conceptual depth than meet the eye.

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His teaching model is built on the idea that often the most effective systems are the simplest ones. Indeed his Stepwise Method to learning tai chi forms appears so simple that it is surprising how effective it is.

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But this book contains much more than how to teach the forms. It is a book about caring for the welfare of the students — and those of the teachers. It emphasises safety as paramount and describes potential risks and safety precautions that all tai chi teachers should be familiar with.

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Crystallising 30 years of experience of teaching tai chi in many countries and engaging in research and promotion of tai chi for its health benefits, Dr Lam shares his enormous insights into the theories and psychology of teaching, financial considerations, preparing for and leading the class, motivating and retaining the students, as well as other useful tools of the trade. The chapter on 'Follow Through with Tai Chi Principles' makes particularly interesting and important reading.

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As Dr Lam puts it, the immense power of tai chi for improving health and inner energy, regardless of variations in styles and forms, derives from a set of essential principles. Leave these principles behind and tai chi becomes no more than the superficial physical gesturing of arms and legs that will bring little of the mind-body benefits that tai chi is so capable of delivering.

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This, too, is an exciting time, in which the nurturing light of tai chi is poised to shine brighter and further than ever before. Guang Ping Yang. Bruce Lee. This product is only available to collect in store. The Anatomy of Grief. October 17,

Concepts such as song relax, loosening and stretching out , jing mental quietness and serenity , chen sinking of qi to the dan tien or qi centre and huo agility and ability to move nimbly are pivotal for the students to understand and apply in their practice; as are the principles of variation in the speed of tai chi movement and the awareness of not stopping.

This book is full of such gems.