Understanding the Poison of Money

Arsenic: In Search of an Antidote to a Global Poison
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Sign up for free newsletters and get more CNBC delivered to your inbox. Get this delivered to your inbox, and more info about our products and services. Privacy Policy. They duplicated this finding in several rodent studies, reported in the 1 August issue of Toxicology and Applied Pharmacology and the 20 May issue of Toxicology. This is a reproducible phenomenon, and it has alarming implications for in utero exposures in humans.

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For example, he has found very high lung cancer risks in Chilean adults who were exposed as children or in utero. He notes that it is critically important to study large populations with significant and well-documented arsenic exposure. Smith says Chile has the best-documented exposure in the world. Although the effects of severe arsenic contamination are well established, there is much debate about the risk associated with chronic ingestion of drinking water that contains arsenic levels lower than regulatory standards.

Beginning in January the maximum contaminant level for inorganic arsenic permitted in U. Cancer risks at these levels of exposure may be about 1 in people, according to the National Research Council report Arsenic in Drinking Water: Update. However, says Smith, epidemiology will never prove such risks are real. He points to the fact that large numbers of studies throughout the world were required to eventually demonstrate that nonsmokers married to smokers had an increased risk of lung cancer, even though such risk involves about 1 in persons.

Still, some argue that different study designs and larger sampling will, in time, provide adequate data to answer the question of whether there is a level of arsenic exposure below which health effects do not develop. In the interim, the precautionary principle holds sway; policy makers assume that the burden of proof for potentially harmful actions or policies rests on the assurance of safety, and that when there are threats of cancer or other serious diseases, scientific uncertainty must be resolved in favor of prevention.

Acceptance of the limitations of epidemiologic research in detecting the risk associated with low-level exposures lies at the very heart of this principle. There is also, she says, a critical need for further data on other health outcomes and in potentially susceptible subgroups such as pregnant women and children, and those particularly at risk due to genetic or lifestyle factors. By studying the whole population but not susceptible subgroups, scientists may be missing key pieces to the arsenic puzzle.

Hamilton concurs but emphasizes a more mechanism-based rationale. He theorizes that arsenic at different doses may act by different mechanisms, perhaps producing different patterns of disease. For example, the patterns of disease in areas such as Bangladesh that have high and endemic arsenic contamination may be quite different than the patterns seen at the lower doses encountered elsewhere. A major challenge for future research is the issue of linking genetic polymorphisms with arsenic-related disease susceptibility. Given that humans appear to be substantially more sensitive than experimental animals to arsenic-induced cancers, more epidemiologic research will be needed to assess the effects of early-life exposures for child as well as adulthood cancers.

This represents a unique challenge, and perhaps the keys reside in emerging areas of genomics, proteomics, or molecular epidemiology. Arsenic contamination of drinking water is among the most awesome environmental health challenges of our time.

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With hundreds of millions of people affected in Southeast Asia and elsewhere, the need for effective arsenic mitigation strategies has never been greater. Thus the focus is moving beyond exposure to include those physiologic variables that may mediate the effects of exposure and that correlate with adverse effects in humans. Exposures associated with arsenic due to cooking and agricultural activities including herbicide and pesticide use should be explored, along with the identification and control of other carcinogenic compounds that may act as cocarcinogens.

Such efforts could, in time, result in profound public health benefits and alleviate a great deal of suffering. For people living in areas where arsenic exposure is less extreme, the question of whether arsenic is safe below a certain dosage level remains central.

Many scientists assert that only biological data based on measurements of the variation in human metabolic responses to arsenic will resolve the low-dose controversy. Only with persistent inquiry and innovative investigation will the elemental mystery of arsenic be solved.

Or, why the longest-lasting childhood epidemic in U.S. history wasn’t ever treated like one.

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This article has been cited by other articles in PMC. A World Exposed Globally, millions of people are at risk for the adverse effects of arsenic exposure. A Special Population: The Very Young Infants and children are deemed to be more susceptible than adults to the adverse effects of arsenic and other toxic substances. How Much Protection Is Enough? On the Threshold of a New Understanding A major challenge for future research is the issue of linking genetic polymorphisms with arsenic-related disease susceptibility.

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Open in a separate window. Arsenic concentrations in Bangladeshi tubewells. Good intentions gone awry. Villagers drill a tubewell in Bangladesh left.

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Encouraged as a solution to pathogenic contamination of surface waters, such wells have resulted in exposure of millions to arsenic, leading to the need for alternative water sources above. People are homeless for lots of reasons — fleeing domestic violence or sexual abuse, loss of a job and a partner often at the same time, leaving the care system with scant resources and being severely mental ill — to name a few. Without exception, the huge range of people I had the joy of spending time with were in terrible pain. No one was having fun living like this and all were clinging desperately to the idea that it might, just might, stop and life would get better.

The poster used a crude caricature of a homeless person feeding the notion that a person who is faceless is a non-person. Antisocial behaviour orders and a panoply of other bits of nasty legislation all conspire to make homelessness appear villainous and dishonest.

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Sleeping bags, hot food and painkillers are also welcome. They are not children. They are not morons. They are homeless and they are sad. Many need medical and psychiatric help. If all this was available — as that monstrous poster suggests — then there would not be a homelessness problem in the first place.

The Arsenic–Cancer Equation

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Your money will be spent on food, newspapers, coffees and toiletries. Some — but by no means all — will spend it on alcohol or drugs. The people I met who took class A drugs had very little choice.

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