William Beckford (The Lewis Walpole Series in Eighteenth-Century Culture and History)

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The opportunity to purchase the complete library of Edward Gibbon gave Beckford the basis for his own library, and James Wyatt built Fonthill Abbey in which to house this and the owner's art collection.

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Lord Nelson visited Fonthill Abbey with the Hamiltons in The house was completed in Beckford entered parliament as member for Wells and later for Hindon , quitting by taking the Chiltern Hundreds ; but he lived mostly in seclusion, spending much of his father's wealth without adding to it. In he also bought Nos. Most of Fonthill Abbey collapsed under the weight of its poorly-built tower during the night of 21 December The remains of the house were slowly removed, leaving only a fragment, which exists today as a private home.

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This is the first part which included the shrine to St Anthony—Beckford's patron when he was living in Lisbon. Beckford spent his later years in his home at Lansdown Crescent, Bath, during which time he commissioned architect Henry Goodridge to design a spectacular folly at the northern end of his land on Lansdown Hill: Lansdown Tower , now known as Beckford's Tower , in which he kept many of his treasures.

The tower is now owned by the Bath Preservation Trust and managed by the Beckford Tower Trust as a museum to William Beckford; part of the property is rented to the Landmark Trust which makes it available for public hire as a spectacular holiday home. The museum contains numerous engravings and chromolithographs of the Tower's original interior as well as furniture commissioned specifically for the Tower by Beckford and gradually reassembled through the efforts of the Bath Preservation Trust and others.

The Lewis Walpole Series in Eighteenth-Century Culture and History by Edmund Burke

There is also a great deal of information at the Tower about Beckford, including objects related to his life in Bath, at Fonthill and elsewhere. After his death at Lansdown Crescent on 2 May , aged 84, his body was laid in a sarcophagus and placed on an artificial mound, as was the custom of Saxon kings from whom he claimed to be descended. The Tower was sold to a local publican who turned it into a beer garden. Eventually it was re-purchased by Beckford's younger daughter, the Duchess of Hamilton, who gave the land around it to Walcot parish for consecration as a cemetery in This enabled William Beckford's remains to be taken from Bath Abbey Cemetery and reinterred near the Tower that he loved.

His self-designed tomb—a massive sarcophagus of polished pink granite with bronze armorial plaques—now stands on a hillock in the cemetery surrounded by an oval ditch.

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On one side of his tomb is a quotation from Vathek : "Enjoying humbly the most precious gift of heaven to man—Hope"; and on another these lines from his poem, A Prayer : "Eternal Power! Grant me, through obvious clouds one transient gleam of thy bright essence in my dying hour. Henry Goodridge designed a Byzantine entrance gateway to the cemetery, flanked by the bronze railings which had surrounded Beckford's original tomb in Bath Abbey Cemetery.

The Walcot Cemetery is no longer used for burials, but is open for public access. The Tower is open to the public on regular but limited days in the year see the website of the Bath Preservation Trust for details. As a writer, Beckford is remembered for Vathek , of which the reception from every quarter may have satisfied his ambitions for a career in belles-lettres , and for his travel memoir, Italy: with some Sketches of Spain and Portugal. Towards the end of his life he published collected travel letters, under the title Recollections of an Excursion to the Monasteries of Alcobaca and Batalha , the memoir of a trip made in Beckford left two daughters, the younger of whom Susanna Euphemia , sometimes called Susan was married to Alexander Hamilton, 10th Duke of Hamilton , and inherited the majority of his collection, which was then moved north to Hamilton Palace , now demolished.

James Orde. Beckford was portrayed by Daniel Massey in the Central Television production I Remember Nelson , and has been the subject of several biographies in recent decades. Related Content. Front Matter. Author: Chloe Porter. List of figures. Powered by: Sheridan PubFactory.

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Also, we find other new forms such as brief biographies. Wisdom of the Crowd in Experiments. A curious link between the collections of Soane and Beckford is that they both acquired objects associated with the Sultan of Mysore, known to the English as Tippoo Sahib. Samuel Richardson was born in Derbyshire. Examines the first three editions of The Monk and disputes Philip Brooks's claim that these printings are textually uniform.

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Description This first-ever biography of William Beckford provides a unique look at eighteenth-century British history from the perspective of the colonies. Even in his own time, Beckford was seen as a metaphor for the dramatic changes occurring during this era. He was born in into a family of wealthy sugar planters living in Jamaica, when the colonies were still peripheral to Britain.

By the time he died in , the colonies loomed large and were considered the source of Britain's growing global power. Beckford grew his fortune in Jamaica, but he spent most of his adult life in London, where he was elected Lord Mayor twice. He was one of the few politicians to have experienced imperial growing pains on both sides of the Atlantic, and his life offers a riveting look at how the expanding empire challenged existing political, social, and cultural norms. Other books in this series.

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Editorial Reviews. Review. “The first complete study of the life of one of the most important Look inside this book. William Beckford (The Lewis Walpole Series in Eighteenth-Century Culture and History) by William Beckford (The Lewis Walpole Series in Eighteenth-Century Culture and History) Kindle Edition. by. William Beckford: First Prime Minister of the London Empire (The Lewis Walpole Series in Eighteenth-Century Culture and History) [Perry Gauci] on biolacompe.tk .

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